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      ** N. Y. Colonial Documents, IX. 278. J. Galbraith, a baronetage.

      [213] These baths consist of a small hut, covered closely with buffalo-skins, into which the patient and his friends enter, carefully closing every aperture. A pile of heated stones is placed in the middle, and water is poured upon them, raising a dense vapor. They are still (1868) in use among the Sioux and some other tribes.

      [7] De Quen, Relation, 1656, 31. The Iroquois, it seems, afterwards made other expeditions, to finish their work. At least, they told Chaumonot and Dablon, in the autumn of this year, that they meant to do so in the following spring.

      1666. Journal des Jsuites.

      Yesterday, writes Father Le Mercier, all was dejection and gloom; to-day, all is smiles and gayety. On Wednesday, massacre, burning, and pillage; on Thursday, gifts and visits, as among friends. If the Iroquois have their hidden designs, so, too, has God.

      ** Mmoire qui faiet pour laffaire des P.P. Recollects de


      1673-1675. Sir J. G. Blackwood, created Lord Dufferin.


      [Pg 99]


      Arrival ? Bright Prospects ? The Three Estates of New France ? Speech of the Governor ? His Innovations ? Royal Displeasure ? Signs of Storm ? Frontenac and the Priests ? His Attempts to civilize the Indians ? Opposition ? Complaints and Heart-burnings. * Ordonnance contre les vices de livrognerie, luxe, et